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Michelle Tinyou.jpg

Michelle Tinyou


Elected 2022

Michelle thrives working with local business owners around their operations and bookkeeping. This passion continues to grow in the expanding community of Wyndham. Michelle is privileged to bring her knowledge and passion to the Wyndham Biznet committee and looks forward to serving and assisting in its future growth and success.


Corey Pont

Committee Member

Elected 2022

Corey Pont, the dedicated director of Top Coat Painting, is not only a seasoned professional in the business world but also a devoted community member. With a wealth of business knowledge and a contagious energy, Corey plays a vital role as a committee member for Biznet. His commitment to both business excellence and community development reflects his passion for contributing valuable insights and experience to the growth and success of Biznet.

Joseph Dabley.jpg

Joseph Dabley

Vice President

Elected 2022

Joseph has been a Wyndham local for the past 19 years. He is the owner of a local Commercial Furniture Installation business and has been heavily involved in supporting Wyndham's local business community. He's passionate about utilising local businesses  and continues to build on this every day as we grow.  Joining this committee it allows him to pay forward the kindness and support he was given by the local business community when 
starting out.

John D Profile Pic.png

John Dabley

Committee Member

Elected 2022

John, the founder of Adene Digital and co-director at Coates Corp., is dedicated to fostering business growth. Actively involved in the local community, his role in the Wyndham Biznet committee reflects his commitment to contributing knowledge and energy to its exciting journey. Eager to shape Wyndham Biznet's future success, John embodies innovation and collaboration, an addition he's excited to bring  to the committee.


Lizzy Jacobs


Elected 2023

Lizzy Jacobs, founder of Lizzy Jacobs Photography, brings her vibrant energy and passion to the role of Secretary at Biznet. With a keen eye for capturing moments through her lens, Lizzy brings a unique perspective and creative flair to both her photography business and administrative responsibilities within Biznet, making her a valuable asset to the team.


Jayne R

Committee Member

Elected 2022

Jayne Ramlakan, the owner of Action Coach Business Coaching, is set to infuse the Biznet community with her wealth of experience and boundless energy. With a focus on bringing innovation and strategic direction, Jayne is poised to contribute significantly to the growth and success of the Biznet community. Her dynamic approach and commitment to coaching excellence make Jayne a valuable asset, ensuring a positive impact on the entrepreneurial landscape within Biznet.


Nathan Hawes


Elected 2022

Nathan, the Director at Eaglevision Solutions Pty Ltd, brings a wealth of financial knowledge and years of experience to the Biznet committee. His expertise promises to provide a solid direction, ensuring a stable and prosperous future for Biznet.

Our Partners

At Wyndham BizNet, we believe in the power of collaboration. That's why we work closely with a range of partners, including local businesses, community groups and government organisations, to create a support network that benefits everyone. Our partners share our vision of a strong and connected community, and together we're making it a reality. If you're interested in becoming a partner of Wyndham BizNet, please get in touch.

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