Bernadette Turley – President Elected 2017

Bio: Bernadette is passionate about local community and the sense of ‘belonging’ is paramount to any successful club, organisation or business. This can only be built with trust, communication and having a focus to build and maintain long lasting professional relationships. Member of Wyndham BizNet since 2012, Secretary in 2015, Vice President in 2016 and President since 2017.

Vice President
Colin Twigg – Vice President Elected 2017

Bio: I have worked in Werribee for the past 30 years and been a member of Wyndham Biznet since shortly after it’s inception.As a result of my membership I have forged some very valuable and enduring business networking connections.I have previously been a Board member and became Vice President in 2019.I am a great believer in the benefit of networking and the value to any small business in retaining a Biznet membership.I hope to contribute positively to it’s operation into the future.

Michelle Tinyou – Treasurer

Bio: Michelle thrives working with local business owners around their operations and bookkeeping. This passion continues to grow in the expanding community of Wyndham. I am privileged to bring my knowledge and passion to the Wyndham Biznet committee and look forward to serving and assisting in its future growth and success.

Cat McCarthy

Bio: Cat is a Point Cook local, enthusiastic about supporting the local economy, small business collaboration and peer mentoring in her local Wyndham community. She owns a small plumbing business and actively networks in her community, however is most passionate about Wyndham Biznet and how it operates in a casual, fun, yet professional way each month. The members of Biznet are supportive of each other’s business and personal growth and she enjoys being a part of this group in order to both make business connections and help the local economy thrive.

Board Member
Cindy Passmore

Bio: Being a small business owner myself in the Wyndham community I know how important it is to have a support group.. Wyndham Biznet has proved to be exactly that towards me and my business. Some wonderful business relationships and friendships have been formed since being a member. My goal and passion is to extend that same experience to all our existing and new members. My business is all about connecting businesses with their brand and customers by supplying business branded apparel and custom printed t-shirts for events.

Board Member
Martin Probst

Bio: Martin has been a Wyndham resident since 2004 and since became a proud dad of 2 wonderful kids. Martin is passionate about leadership and building a strong community. He has been highly engaged in the community for many years and when asked why he joined the Wyndham Biznet Committee he responded: Building a strong community is a joint collaboration and this is a great way to contribute to it.

Board Member
Joseph Dabley

Bio:I have been a Wyndham local for the past 19 years. I am the owner of a local Commercial Furniture Installation business and have been heavily involved in supporting our local business community.I’m passionate about utilising local businesses to service mine and I continue to build on this every day as we grow.  Joining this committee will allow me to pay forward the kindness and support I was given by the local business community when I was starting out.”