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About Wyndham BizNet

Who is Wyndham Biznet?

Wyndham BizNet understands that owning your own business or being involved in a business with little opportunity to network can be isolating.

Members and guests are encouraged to support each other and, to enable people to experience what Wyndham has to offer, our meetings are conducted at local restaurants and venues.

Our monthly meetings include a guest speaker which could be a local business identity through to someone who has climbed Mount Everest.  There is always a message applicable to running your business and an opportunity to share ideas and experiences.

Membership is open to anyone who lives and/or works in the City of Wyndham provided they agree to abide by our Charter.

Our Partners

At Wyndham BizNet, we believe in the power of collaboration. That's why we work closely with a range of partners, including local businesses, community groups and government organisations, to create a support network that benefits everyone. Our partners share our vision of a strong and connected community, and together we're making it a reality. If you're interested in becoming a partner of Wyndham BizNet, please get in touch.

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